Thursday, December 20, 2012

Abriosis tomorrow at Funky's, featuring Alxs Ness

Former Without Mercy frontwoman Alxs Ness has changed bands, and as much as I like Without Mercy - whom I haven't seen with their new singer and am presently not qualified to comment on - she seems to have traded up, because Abriosis kicks some heavy-ass ass: some of the most intense, intimidating technical death metal I've heard. You can download a song off the new EP for free here; you can read my review of their new CD here; and you can read my old Alxs Ness interviews, mostly about her vocal technique, here and here. Local metal fiends might also want to know that I reviewed Auroch's new album, and that Dead Asylum, tomorrow's headliners, is the new band for Theocide's Metal Mike... And Without Mercy in their new incarnation plays Funky's January 12th. I hope the "You Smell Like a Bitch" t-shirts on their website aren't an indicator of hard feelin's towards Alxs!

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