Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mecca Normal Does Fake Jazz

Hey Anju! I'm really sorry. I didn't get around to this in time to mention the gigs on the 4th, 7th, and 9th. I've just gone back to work and my life has been pretty hectic. What can I say - I dropped the ball!

However, folks: this upcoming Wednesday, April 14th, the Fake Jazz lineup will be Mecca Normal, Twin Crystals - subject of a feature in the Straight - and Anju's band Ahna! Starts at 10pm at Lick, costs five bucks to get in. Mecca Normal are a long-lived independent, female-fronted duo associated with the old Vancouver punk scene; they still have a connection to punk values, but a lot of the recent work of Jean Smith has upped the humour in her music, with their recent album The Observer being a rather sardonic (if rather terrifying and heartbreaking) survey of Smith's experience of online dating. I like it a lot. Here's a video or two you might want to check out if you don't know their stuff - that second one is actually quite interesting as a short film, and it's got some of my favourite guitarwork by David Lester on it...

...and sorry again, Anju! At least I got ONE of 'em in!

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