Friday, May 15, 2009

Subhumans, plus Bedbuggery

Subhumans at the Lamplighter, picture by Allan MacInnis (not to be used without permission)

I have a splitting headache from the poison in my apartment, sprayed to take on the bedbugs on Monday. Though I've had my windows open and fan on for the last 24 hours, the air is still toxic (though decidedly chilly). Maybe if I do a good sweeping I might be able to render the environment a bit more habitable - the current state of things is ridiculous.

I rather feel that I owe apologies to the Subhumans, who play tonight (ie. Friday the 15th) at the Ukrainian Hall, in a could-be 30th anniversary of their 1979 Rock Against Prisons gig. Since I've been in and out of Maple Ridge the last few days, fleeing my toxic suite and trying to see if I could adapt to the commute if I moved out of Bedbug City permenantly, I haven't had a chance to do a proper blog piece on the show. I kind of blew my interview with them for The Skinny, too: I fucked up the second paragraph, where I should have identified Subhumans vocalist Brian Goble by his full name, rather than leaping straight to calling him "Goble." Shit like this embarrasses the hell out of me; I don't know how so obvious an error can make it into print despite hours of crafting the damn thing and a dozen or more proofreadings on my part. (It's even worse that it's MY error - usually when mistakes appear in articles of mine, they've been introduced by editors, which means at least I can rant and spray bile at them). Too bad I messed it up: I really like how I set people up to expect me to get into talking about prison with Gerry, and then don't, and I love the title ("It Ain't Easy Being Subhuman.") Of course, the Subhumans misfortunes far exceed thuggery at gigs - there's stories of someone postering for them that died in a car accident years ago - a story I've only recently heard; and they've been bootlegged more than most punk bands, with a current boot in direct competition with Death Was Too Kind (their new A/T release of their singles and first EP). Such a good band deserves better! Here's hoping they at least get a decent turnout. Hey, maybe Brian and Jon, who work in the DTES, can give me some bedbug pointers!

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