Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gigs of the week: The Rebel Spell, Brian Goble, Ejaculation Death Rattle

The Rebel Spell by day, by Femke van Delft. Not to be used without permission

Just a few notes about people/bands I like playing in the next while... Vancouver's best "new" punk band, The Rebel Spell, preside over Chris Walter's booklaunch for Wrong tomorrow at the Cobalt, and may even have new songs for people (since they're "balls-deep" in recording a new album, Todd sez). Brian Goble, singer for the Subhumans, does his acoustic set - quite charming and sometimes featuring songs that don't make actual Subhumans shows, like his sharp, funny "For the Common Good" - on Saturday at Lugz at Broadway and Main (a set also featuring the Mike Webster Band and Magnetic West). And the most decadent of our noise bands, Ejaculation Death Rattle, play Honey on Thursday, doing one of their "dancier" sets, which should be fun to see... No time to do justice to any of the above, but I thought I'd call people's attention to them. More DOXA coverage to come... And maybe news about a rather interesting open-mike performance, as yet to be confirmed...

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