Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Assholes! (Warner Brothers screws up Zabriskie Point)

Warner Brothers has fucked up Zabriskie Point. Found it today at Videomatica, ahead of the listed release dates; I'm very disappointed to find that they use the shitty, sappy Roy Orbison song over the credits - imposed by the studio against Antonioni's wishes instead of his intended reprise of the Pink Floyd tune at the film's climax, which is what you get if you see theatrical prints of the film. There's no commentary, there are no interviews, no essay or insert, or indeed any meaningful extras save a trailer, and WB have done something weird with the colours - which are too "cool" and slightly washed-out and definitely different from the proper hues. This is a great film the release of which cinephiles have been awaiting for years; WB has done about as bad a job as they could while preserving the original aspect ratio. Wait until there's a decent European or Criterion release; as worthwhile a film as this is - don't give these idiots your money, they do not deserve it.

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