Monday, April 13, 2009

RIP Marilyn Chambers

I have some fondness for Marilyn Chambers. Behind The Green Door is a curiously artful and remarkable - if dark, creepy and morally/ politically suspect - porn film, which I'm told was filmed in the same space where Sun Ra and his merry men were simultaneously shooting Space Is The Place. Chambers was, of course, also excellent in Cronenberg's Rabid. I have no real acquaintance with her recent work - I saw a bit of her 1990's softcore and found it bizarre and embarrassing - but I'm saddened to hear she's gone. The Dead Porn Stars index lists her cause of death as "unsure," saying that the 56-year old actress "was found by her daughter, McKenna, in the mobile home where she had been living the few months leading up to her death." Goodbye, Marilyn.

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ammacinn said...

Looks like we'll never know how she died - the autopsy was inconclusive: