Monday, April 13, 2009

My Ears, Creem, and Mouse Poo

The ear in question, photographed back when I had short hair...

I've finished a run of antibiotics for my ear infections, but the net result, it turns out, is that I have a fluid buildup behind my right eardrum. My left ear - I think due to aggravations in my inner ear caused by my CPAP machine - has long had variable hearing, but now my right ear is also (temporarily?) damaged; until the fluid in my eustachean tube drains, I am having a hard time hearing things indeed. Listening to music at home has actively become displeasurable, since there's a constant tinny whoosh of distortion that muffles and mutilates the sound; however, the infection, at least, has passed, so I'll resume that promised Ray Fulber piece tomorrow.

Do I have other complaints? Yes, I do. I saw another mouse in my apartment the other night, and just today discovered that the top of my refrigerator, underneath my toaster oven, is littered with mouse poo. Apparently the mice have been climbing up the back of the fridge to try to get at the breadcrumbs inside my toaster oven. I pray that it never should happen that I throw toast in and turn it on without noticing a mouse inside; that could get ugly indeed.

One must take consolation where one can: the Robson and Granville Chapters has that cool, uber-covetable hardcover Creem coffee table book remaindered in the art section on the 1st floor for only $12.99!
And if $12.99 is beyond your budget, you can always go check out David M.'s free Saturday afternoon concert there this coming weekend...

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