Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chris Walter on Motorhead

Vancouver punk novelist Chris Walter (pictured) -- who recently published Wrong, his follow up to East Van, and a fine, fun, fast read in its own right -- just sent me a link to a new documentary on Lemmy of Motorhead! I've been on a Motorhead kick lately, so this film sounds utterly great. Chris relates the following Motoranecdote:

I was at a Motorhead show once, and Nashville Pussy was warming up. In between songs, I yelled to a longhair behind me, "IF YOU THINK THESE GUYS ARE LOUD, JUST WAIT TILL MOTORHEAD COMES ON!" The guy nods wisely and says, "THEY'RE PRETTY LOUD, ARE THEY?" Then Pussy busted into the next song and we couldn't talk anymore. Anyway, Motorhead finally take the stage, and I see the longhair I'd been talking to get behind the drums. He was Mickey fucking Dee! So they're loud as hell, of course, like an extended bomb blast, and Lemmy asks between songs, "IS IT LOUD ENOUGH!" And Mickey Dee is pointing at me with a drumstick and laughing. Ha ha, very funny, Mickey.

Thanks, Chris!


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Chris is the ugliest Motorhead groupie ever.

ammacinn said...

I don't mean to argue, but I sorely doubt that that is true.