Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art Bergmann week at Alienated in Vancouver: trolling Youtube

I'll try to post something every day on Art for the next little while. Today just a brief note that someone has put a few clips on Youtube with damn good sound quality, relatively speaking (but awful video) - of "Dirge No. 1," which opened the show last Thursday; "My Empty House," which was more than halfway through, as I recall; and "Our Little Secret," which came damn near the end. Singing along to the "la la las" - which half the club was doing - was chilling, but this was one of the songs that the band didn't quite make it through unscathed...

Speaking of "Dirge No. 1," though, here's an alternate video of it that doesn't sound as good but shows us what Art was up to behind his lectern at the start, and has some great closeups of him and the band. You'll be able to spot the moment, I think, when Bev Davies took the photo you'll soon be seein'... in the next few days, I swear. For those who like "Dirge No. 1," here's another version, also with pretty good sound. Oh: did I already post a link to this "Junkie Don't Care?" (It's hard to believe Art is sick when you see the energy he puts out during this song - it's amazing. Is this the same clip as the one on the excellent Art Bergmann fansite? It seems somehow better there, if so).

Then there's a "Gambol," but the sound is horrifying.

While we're on Youtube, people looking for more Poisoned stuff should also check out Art's video for "Yeah I Guess," which we'll have Ray Fulber talkin' about soon (it's an earlier version of Poisoned, note). I'll leave you to search out your own Young Canadians/K-Tels stuff.

Would someone please post a live clip of "Bound For Vegas?"

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