Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Wee Bit of Online Idiocy

So I actually took the time to create a South Park avatar for myself - I'm sleepless, swamped in writing projects, and needing to burn off a few hours just staring into the screen. What an oddity: why would Comedy Central offer this function, only to completely ruin the effect by forcing you to save the image with a gigantic advertisement for their program? It's hilariously self-defeating. Without the advert, people might actually USE their avatar creator - the word would spread that you could do cool things with it and it would become popular, I'm sure. As it is, the image kind of sucks: it just looks like an ad, for one, and pretty much anyone can figure out that indeed a South Park avatar creator was used to produce it without having the words screaming at you (I mean, it wasn't done with the Microsoft Paint Program). There are some really funky backgrounds on the site, too - including, of course, a classroom image, which could make this a really fun application for teachers to use; but the background can't be saved, only appreciated briefly online.

Sigh. This almost had potential.

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