Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to the Mind of Michael C. Ruppert

I'll leave you to guess which of my friends sent me this link.

I read in awe at how lucid it all seemed til I got to the sentence, typed all in caps, "I AM IN PERSONAL DANGER NOW." This caused a fast and wise motion of stepping back and pausing, during which time I posted this.

I will now resume reading Ruppert's thing. Just don't look at his finger, and everything will be okay.


The Friend said...

For the sake of my reputation, I should probably add that I think Ruppert is nuts.

ammacinn said...

"Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day."

the friend said...

Well said, sir.

ammacinn said...

Hey Robert -

What do you think of this shit?


Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Hi Allan!
What a great time to move to toronto, a vast urban centre that is a part of North America. I currently have friends who are trying to get off of the continent. I will gladly clean your yard for a piece of pie.
How soon will this deck of cards topple? Some say Jan 1st. Some say that with Canada it will happen shortly after. How shortly? When moves are made to unite all of the continent? Is this why the Canadian election is happening now? To overshadow it with US Obama hooplah so that Harper gets in again?
Some say that this crisis is why the USA is building so many prisons and so many plastic coffins.
Should I subscribe to hysteria? Y2K makes me trepidatious in the realm of panic.
I would love to know the real story. I actually wanted to talk to 'Our friend' about this, he was the first person i thought of when i thought of this because he keeps up with sort of thing.
Looks like I'll have to save more moolah to move, maybe Berlin or Ireland or...? I won't go to England tho.
Tell me more, I feel uninformed.