Sunday, September 28, 2008

Subhumans error?

(Photo by me, dammit. Femke's are too good to waste on a mere error correction).


Last year's Subhumans show was at Pub 340 on September 29th. (Footage of me moshing at it here).

The Subhumans webpage makes mention of a Pub 340 show on Monday, but Gerry Hannah called me tonight, and left a message with no such mention of it; this seems odd. There are also no posters anywhere in town and no indication of the gig on the Myspace, and a Monday night show a few weeks after their last one here makes little sense. Is it possible that there is simply a glitch on their website? (They haven't announced their last two gigs on the site, so it would be, in a way, quite fitting for them to now accidentally announce a gig that wasn't planned). Maybe they accidentally programmed the site to announce a September 29th gig on an annual basis?

I will figure this out and report back.

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