Saturday, September 13, 2008

Robert Dayton moves and starts a blog

Just when I was starting to turn into a July Fourth Toilet fan, Robert Dayton ups and moves to Toronto!

...where he has started a Vancouver-bashing blog!

(Actually, I haven't read enough of his postings to know if he is really "bashing" Vancouver. But the blog is named ";" whattaya think? For me, the words "we" "hate" and "Vancouver" in close proximity prompt my eyes to attempt to find the word "whatever," but confusing visual cues aside, it's a great blog name. Hell, I may start following it...)

1 comment:

Robert Dayton, Junior said...

But, sir, I sure don't hate you! And I am gonna be in a reg harkema movie- and he knows you ! Tereny world, babe, teeny world!