Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dreams of Japan

Odd: I dreamed last night that, on the spur of the moment, I took a job in Japan. It was a fairly linear, realistic dream - I flew over, found my luggage, met the people who were supposed to pick me up, and was riding in a car towards my new apartment and job, remembering the smells, the humidity, the landscape - and hoping that there would be relatively few cockroaches in the building they'd found for me. (The Leopalace in Saitama I lived in had a constant supply, some quite large; the glue traps were always full when I changed them, every few weeks or so). Would my family be okay? How would I visit them now? What about all these writing projects I had left undone? What about my job, my seniority - had I really walked out on all of that? Was the job - paying the equivalent of $66 an hour - really worth it? Had I done the right thing? ...these thoughts spinning in my mind as the car sped down the freeway towards whatever the future had in store...

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