Thursday, October 11, 2007

John Lurie interviews on his art and his illness

I knew that health problems had something to do with Lounge Lizards' founder John Lurie disappearing from the music scene and taking up painting, but didn't know their nature. It's apparently advanced Lyme disease, which sounds nasty - "bizarre migrating neurological problems" is an ominous phrase indeed. I just stumbled across an interview online where Lurie talks about it, and then yet another that goes into more detail. (He is less forthcoming, but quite witty, here, dealing with a poorly-prepared writer by the sounds of it). I don't know if any of you are fans, but his Marvin Pontiac album is a delight, in particular - something everyone should own, samples of which can be heard here, if you don't mind Real Player being installed. Lurie's paintings can be seen here, and his new-ish art book bought here. Looking forward to the day his memoirs are published (To be entitled What Do You Know About Music, You're Not a Lawyer).


kopioma said...

hi, thank you for posting this article. i am a fan of john lurie, and a friend also. funny story how we met. have you seeen his paintings? strange and beautiful stuff.

Anonymous said...

I wish he were a friend of mine.
I dig his music for many years now.
Marvin Pontiac became an instant classic in my collection. Heavy rotation. From the first song to the last one, this 'fake' best of is a masterpiece of moving tiny stories. Funny, deep, dancable moments of true genius. Easy to love but complex mix of great melodies, beautiful words and outstanding musicians.
I love most of his periods. From the Downtown scene experimentations to the grooviest side of his art.
Kiss him from me.
Pintus Rex a.k.a. Funky Fred From France.