Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hey, Raven

I'm acting on a theory that you turned up at THE TRAP because you read about my intent to see it in a previous entry and decided to stalk me there. You'll have to tell me if I'm right. It's too bad you left when you did - the middle section was almost wholly unnecessary, repetitive, unfocused, but the third installment returned it to something a bit more rigorous. It needs to be edited down before it can be shown theatrically, really.

I was thinking, before you surprised me by leaving, that I should try to turn you onto a few movies - you should rent OLD JOY, for one; the Will Oldham character will speak to you, I think. It and a film called POLICE BEAT were two of the most exciting American films for me of the last few years. I'm not sure how you'd respond to POLICE BEAT, but OLD JOY has things that will move you in it. Do you like Will Oldham's music? He acts in it. Try on I SEE A DARKNESS if you're curious.

The other film in the VIFF that you might like to stalk me to is MAN ON LAND (see below for links and such - I mention it in my piece on DUST and ABOUT WATER - look for the green dustpan, below). Trust me, it will be a very interesting experience for you. I believe I'll be seeing it on Thursday night. And then I'll be at PARANOID PARK on Friday. There will be other films, of course, in-between - but if you're going to stalk me, you might as well at least stalk me somewhere interesting.
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