Friday, October 05, 2007

Guitars! Guitars! -- the Vancouver New Music Festival, plus Bixobal and No Neck Note

Guitar freaks by advised: just a few days before Nels Cline returns to town with Scott Amendola's band, Vancouver New Music will be having its festival, featuring some of the most significant guitar improvisers in the world. Sir Richard Bishop, James Plotkin, Rene Lussier, Bill Frisell, Keith Rowe... I can't list them all, but it's gonna be big. Even VNM's recent Some Cats from Japan show sold out the venue, so anyone who likes guitar music (particularly CHALLENGING guitar music) should buy tickets early - a pass for all four days costs about as much as you'd pay to see Frisell alone at a larger venue. I'll be mannin' the merch table for the first and last night, and attending the middle two -- so I'll see you there!
No Neck Blues Band fans should also take note: the first issue of Bixobal will be kickin' around the city soon, with a huge interview I did with Dave Nuss of that band, around about when they last played here. It's particularly exciting in that Dave and I discuss at some length the rather negative review that Alex Varty gave of their show -- I'm sure Alex will get a kick out of it! The issue also features, I'm told, "the first installment of Climax Golden Twin Rob Millis' column 'Talking Machine,' in which he talks about 78 rpm records and Korean ones; an interview with Alan Sondheim on his group All-7-70 (which recorded for ESP-Disk) and his solo material (which has been released by Fire Musuem and Qbico), plus a special review section covering his discography." There will be the usual reviews and so forth, plus "book dealer and artist Dave Hornor gives us the run down on books by Tuli Kupferburg of The Fugs," which should be cool (I've always liked Tuli). "There'll also be part one of former Sun City Girl Sir Richard Bishop's Indian travelogue from this summer."

Sounds pretty good, eh? Guitars, cool reading... we're easing you into the winter as gently as we can.


Christopher O said...

Can't wait to read the article, as I mentioned Varty's negative review of what I thought to be one of the best shows of 2006 in my blog---something about being a protracted version of saying that he didn't get it, but didn't want to fess up to it, so he just fleshed out his word count. Or something.

Guitars! Guitars!----> Keith rowe, Oren Ambarchi in particular! See you there!

Ps- good Ruins review in the Noive.

ammacinn said...

There will be copies at the Guitarfest.

See you there!