Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Print!

Well... There it goes. 350 copies of ALIENATED IN VANCOUVER are being printed up, featuring my Eugene Chadbourne interview, my Brett Larner interview, some of that Zev Asher stuff, and a brief writeup on the Cinematheque's THE PASSENGER. I scattered 50 around downtown tonight, will do another 150 around Kits tomorrow, and another 100 around East Vancouver on Friday. The rest will go wherever there's need for 'em... It's costing me about $210, all told, and for the record, no, I'm not being paid for the ads I'm running (tho' maybe Tim will kick me loose some store credit). Aside from a slightly cockeyed title bar (too late to fix it) it looks pretty good... I may do this again someday!

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