Thursday, October 13, 2005

Weird Skeletal Creature washed up by Tsunami

It seems like it's been awhile, giant squid photos notwithstanding, since I posted anything on cryptozoology. This video is pretty intereting, though -- purporting to show some sort of giant fossilized creature uncovered by last year's tsunami. You can read about it on this fellow's giantology blog. Probably a dinosaur or ancient sea animal or something else quite explicable, but... it's pretty damned big! Looks real, too, though the Fortean Times folks are speculating it might be an internet hoax.

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obor said...

Hey you should check out the new clip on the giantology website - it shows some well weird giant incan statue in Peru - the link is
and the link to the giantolgy site is

Enjoy, mere normal sized mortals!!