Friday, October 28, 2005

Music for a Workout Regimen I've developed a new workout regimen, and burned a special disc of high-energy, very physical tunes to listen to on the stationary cycle. Having an idle moment, thought I'd share:

1. Husker Du: Turn on the News
2. fIREHOSE: The Red and the Black
3. Eels: Dog Faced Boy
4. Copyright: Mother Nature
5. X: Johny Hit and Run Pauline
6. Flesheaters: Father of Lies
7. Nomeansno: Valley of the Blind
8. Fugazi: Full Disclosure
9. New Model Army: 125 MPH
10. Mission of Burma: The Enthusiast
11. Crass: Don't Get Caught
12. Dead Kennedys: Halloween
13. Birthday Party: Mutiny in Heaven
14. Lou Reed: The Blue Mask
15. Tad: Axe to Grind
16. Butthole Surfers: Goofy's Concern
17. Motorhead: Iron Fist
18. Danzig: Not of this World
19. Blue Oyster Cult: Dominance and Submission
20. The Clash: (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
21. Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band: Hot Head
22. The Dwarves: Drug Store

It probably looks damn funny as I pedal away, mouthing the lyrics, a veritably psychotic expression of rapture on my sweaty face -- but fuggit, I can finally fit into those pants of shame I'd tucked away in my bottom drawer, which wouldn't button over my belly a mere matter of months ago...

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