Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Blim is Back! plus Terminal City article on Zev Asher

Yuriko has been sending me those distinctive emails again (get on their list by writing blimblim at telus dot net (in the usual fashion -- I'm trying to protect them from spam by writing it out). Yes, folks, everybody can cheer: the celebrated Blim is back, in a new venue, at #197-East 17th (at Main). There'll be some Hallowe'eny events (with a bicycle theme...?) and performances by Daddy's Hands and Kiku Haux (nope, I dunno them, sorry). Haven't been yet, so if any of y'all check out the new space, do let me know what it's like. I think I'll be occupied by Cinemuerte that day.

On that topic, those of you who pick up Terminal City might want to keep an eye open for a small feature/interview by yours truly (on page 13 of the print edition) about the controversial Zev Asher documentary, Casuistry: the Art of Killing a Cat, which plays at the Cinematheque as part of the Cinemuerte festival at 7PM on the 29th, one film before the Exploitation All Nighter. It was quite a stroke of luck -- I had just written Zev about getting a copy of his Nihilist Spasm Band documentary, What about me?, at about the same time as I was making arrangements to write my first movie review for TC; when Zev told me that Casuistry was his film -- I hadn't been aware of it -- I suggested an interview, and Terminal City decided it was an interesting idea. There was more than enough controversy over the film to make it an interesting, write-itself piece. Truth be known, I don't relish the idea of seeing the film -- I'm pretty sensitive and squeamish when it comes to things like that, and I've long avoided Cannibal Holocaust and Men Behind the Sun largely because of their animal cruelty scenes... but I guess if I'm gonna write about the movie, I should go see it. It sounds like it will be an emotionally devestating experience, actually, which sounds like it's exactly what Zev wants it to be. (If they run it, I'll also be in the paper with a movie review next-week, a brief hatchet job on The Weather Man).

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