Friday, October 07, 2005

Avenge but One of my Two Eyes

Too busy to write much at the moment. Wanted to highly recommend, to anyone reading this, that they see Avenge But One of My Two Eyes, an extremely confrontational political documentary made by Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi (note: good link to Mograbi's desciption of a previous film, criticizing Sharon). The film deals with Israel's treatment of Palestinians; the VIFF guide compares the filmmaker to Michael Moore, but for those tired of Moore's relatively sanctimonious manner, his love of his own image, and his way of ambushing innocents, that's not exactly a compliment. Mograbi takes up far less screentime than Moore usually would, has much greater craft -- brilliantly juxtaposing, say, Jewish tourists talking about the walls that Romans built around the besieged fortress of Masada with footage of Palestinians blocked from going about their daily lives by security fences built by Israel -- and takes much bigger risks (we see him become quite surprisingly hostile to some young Jewish soldiers at one point, tho' for a very good cause). A negative review of the film can be read here -- I think it deserves far more consideration; a more detailed, more worthy review here. Skip reading them and just see it, tho' -- let the film surprise you. It next runs at 4PM on Sunday.

And now I must pee, bathe, and commence marking papers -- it's almost 7:30.

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