Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Cougars of Bowen Island

I get nervous when I go into the forest. I can vividly imagine what it's like to be attacked by a cougar. I read a book, Cat Attacks, on the topic -- about how they'll stalk you for miles, leap on you from behind and above, about how if you make eye contact, throw stuff at them, and show no fear, you can sometimes bluff them into leaving you alone. I somehow have this scenario in mind where I have to fight one to the death with a knife, perhaps to save a fair damsel. I set out for Bowen Island in about ten minutes. I thought this would make a good "famous last post," just in case. Eerie, huh? It's almost like I knew it was going to happen.

Ahem. Are there cougars on Bowen?

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