Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Random Noise

The other night at my bookstore job I picked a blues album at random from the section and listened to a side: Son Seals. I discovered today that Seals died on that very day. Oo-ee-oo.

Counselling is irritating. It ain't quite what I expected. Perceptive guy, anyhow.

Bergman retrospective at the Cinematheque soon! The Passion of Anna on the screen (my favourite Bergman, tho' it's nice to see Shame and his other island dramas will be playing. I'd like to see Through a Glass Darkly on the screen, too. And maybe The Silence, tho' I think I saw that once before at the Cinematheque, years ago).

Gonna go lie in bed and read Nicolson Baker's Checkpoint, the only imaginative work as yet to deal with the un-publicly spoken (but oft-privately spoken) thought of assassinating G.W. Bush.

Heard from the big frizzy haired guy at the Granville Book Company that there's a new Cormac McCarthy novel due out this spring or maybe summer, which I've confirmed online... It's called No Country for Old Men and the days to the release are being counted down on the Cormac McCarthy fan site. Discussed fave McCarthy imitations. He suggested James Carlos Blake and I recommended Niall Griffith's Sheepshagger and then I bought my book and left...

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