Monday, August 31, 2015

RIP Wes Craven, Oliver Sacks, Peter Kern

I loved watching Wes Craven in the IFC documentary The American Nightmare, talking about how horror movies were a kind of "boot camp for the psyche." He was a very smart, articulate, interesting man. I didn't like all his films, but the ones I did - The Hills Have Eyes, say - I liked a lot. My respects to those who knew him.

Also rest in peace to Oliver Sacks, who was such a fine writer that I forgave him blaming migraines on their sufferers. His essay on Temple Grandin in An Anthropologist On Mars is a must-read if you know of Ms. Grandin's work. Awakenings was really interesting too - much moreso than the film!

Does anyone remember Peter Kern from Wim Wenders' Wrong Move? He just died, too. I liked him in that film. It will be screening as part of an upcoming Wim Wenders' retrospective at the Cinematheque...

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