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The Rebel Spell interview: of animals, animal rescue, and a dog in need

Todd Serious of The Rebel Spell, by Jennifer Dodds

Those attending DOA's Vancouver farewell concerts this weekend are advised to arrive early: one of the three opening acts, The Rebel Spell, ranks among the most committed, passionate, charismatic and intelligent bands I've encountered - a band that I sometimes describe as "the best Vancouver punk band under 50," tho' it's seeming soon enough that I'll be able to drop the "under 50" part, as the wave of final shows spreads. I have a large interview with Todd Serious, the singer, online here; there are some very cool official videos of them here, here and here (the last a very cool mini-movie by Eargoggles' Clayton Holmes, about CCTV surveillance in Vancouver). There's also a full concert, in three parts, here - I really like the opening song, "Beautiful Future," the studio version of which is here.

The occasion for this blogpost, however, is not that the band is playing this weekend, but that they have a request of fans: they're trying to raise money to help pay the vet bills for Shade, their former drummer Stepha's dog, who has been very ill and is now recovering from her second surgery. I'm told there will be a jar at their merch table during the concert, for those wishing to donate; there's also a link given below.

I did a quick email interview with Todd Serious about the situation with Shade, and about human dealings with animals.
Stepha of The Rebel Spell by bev.davies

You seem like an animal lover. How did you get involved in supporting animal rights and animal rescue?

I actually grew up hunting while being told that animals were beautiful and amazing. At some point I realized that animals were amazing and I didn't need to be harming them. I went vegan and started actively looking for situations where I could help individuals whether human or non-human. I prefer situations now where I can see exactly who I'm helping and how so that is why animal rescue type operations are my favourite.

I really prefer to see the struggles of all animals and peoples as very intertwined. We all suffer at the hands of the hideous apparatus that is tearing up our world and societies.

You were associated with A Better Life Dog Rescue. Any comment on what went down with them? Any stories of your own experience with them? 

My involvement there was very minimal so I don't feel I have enough knowledge to be commenting on that. I will say that there are thousands of dogs around our province that are in desperate need of help and the SPCA is legally incapable of doing anything except in the most insanely terrible situations. It is up to us to help in any way that we can.

What kind of dog is Shade? Where did (he/she?) come from? How is Shade coping with this illness? How can people help?

Shade is a mutty mix of black dogs with a really cute underbite and big muscles. She is a powerhouse of energy and really likes to run, fast, all the time. She was adopted by Stepha (drummer) about five years ago from a local rescue group and they live out near Lillooet now with Isis and Travis (current drummer).
We actually just found out that she does not have cancer and the second surgery is done so she's laying in bed recovering right now. It's been hardest for her to just chill out and not run, fast, all the time. The total bill for the removal of the problem tissue is just over $1700, if people would like to help it would be greatly appreciated. (Chip in here).

Anything else you'd like to say - band news, things you'd like to make people aware of?

We're working on new stuff and it's gonna be cool.

Help each other out more. Help animals out more.

(Photos of Shade - and Shade and Isis - provided by Todd)

Right, so, this is Allan again. (End interview). The Rebel Spell will be on the bill for both the Friday and Saturday DOA shows at the Rickshaw. The first show is sold out, and a second show has been added, with slightly different support acts - The Rebel Spell play both nights, however. Tickets can be purchased by following the link under the word "Saturday," above, which will lead you to Northern Tickets. There are also tickets at Red Cat, Highlife, Zulu, Scrape and Neptoon Records.

(It's funny - Shade has bigger muscles, but looks just a little like Joey Shithead's dog, Merlin, whom I met when I interviewed Joe for the Straight... Merlin was more in protect-the-family mode than interact-with-the-friendly stranger, tho'. That article should be online late tonight or tomorrow - I'm glad now that I included Merlin in it!).

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