Saturday, January 19, 2013

Charlie's calzones

Hey, I finally ate some of Charlie's calzones last night.

Charlie apparently isn't allowed inside the Rickshaw but comes over and sells to smokers and malingerers out front on the sidewalk, when he's done at Funky's and wherever else he plies his trade. He's an enterprising guy. I often see him on the bus back out to Coquitlam - he travels a long way to hawk his goods.

I like the whole vibe of Charlie - little old European guy courteously offering you food as you get hammered at a punk club (be it by music or alcohol), but I have cheese issues - irrational prejudices against some forms of cheese that do not apply to others - so I've steered clear til now. My friend was hungrier than I so I went along with it.

The verdict: Charlie's calzones are delicious. My friend and I ate two, cutting each in half and having a half each (because we weren't sure we were going to eat both at one sitting). The only caveat I can offer was that they were uneven in distribution of filling: one was slightly hollowish, while the other was packed. I'm not sure what all was in there - it definitely was not vegetarian, though he may have a vegetarian option, I don't know. There was meat stuff, and vegetable stuff, and cheese stuff, that's for sure.

Unevenly filled or not, they were both very tasty. Support local business - buy a calzone off Charlie!

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