Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More vocal improv: Phil Minton on Paul Dutton

Vocal improviser Phil Minton just sent me a comment on Paul Dutton, performing tonight at the Railway (and Friday at 1067 with Coat Cooke, Alex Varty and others - see below): "Paul Dutton was the first person I saw singing through his nose, genius." In the next while, I'll be putting my full Phil Minton interview, originally published in Bixobal #2, on my blog to promote his Vancouver Feral Choir performance, being put on by Vancouver New Music.

Don't know that I can make the Railway tonight - apologies to Paul and Roy Miki, both of whom I'd love to see read, but it's a long commute to the suburbs and I'm feeling exhausted and way behind in work. Hope it's a good turnout!

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