Monday, November 09, 2009

More Mike Ruppert, dammit

So in my idle time, I've been reading a bit online. Anonymous friends of mine have been slowly seducing me towards views I would normally have scoffed at; intrigued and slightly alarmed by the fact that Mike Ruppert, in the new sky-is-falling documentary Collapse (reviewed below, and coming soon to the Vancity Theatre), actually says pretty much nothing that I disagree with or take exception to, I've been reading some of his old articles - like this one, on insider trading before 9/11. It's chilling. Fuck controlled demolitions, missiles hitting the Pentagon, and anything that has ever been yelled through a bullhorn; this is plausible 9/11 conspiracy writing. Granted, Ruppert has distanced himself from the 9/11 truth movement, and I'm a long way from plastering a "9/11 was an inside job" sticker on my forehead, but more and more, the people who brutally assault the 9/11 truthers online seem histrionic and smug; there seems something suspiciously defensive about their vituperative unwillingness to even entertain the possibility that the government's dishonesty about 9/11 didn't just begin after the fact. Anti-truthers, shall we call them, seem mostly like they just don't want to go there lest it upset their comfortable world view, scare them too much about how things might actually be... Because if the world isn't flat and the earth isn't the centre of the universe, then what? I think I'm starting to find them as distasteful as the Alex Jones crew.

Jeezus... what am I becoming?
Further: sent by a different friend, also pertaining to peak oil: an interesting article about how the US has been fudging figures to make it seem like there's a lot more oil in the world than there actually is.
...Well, it beats panicking about swine flu.


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See also this article on "deniers" in the Fortean Times:

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