Friday, October 30, 2009

Another night of disturbing dreams

No work today, thank God... I just woke up from a rather twisted dream. I'm a cop, investigating a dangerous case involving, I think, police corruption, with my partner - but there's another case we're involved in, involving a fugitive. After a massive car chase - my dream had a fucking car chase in it - I am called to an abandoned building, where this fugitive has been seen hiding. As I go upstairs to the attic where he is, the narrative perspective shifts to my partner: I am waiting downstairs, listening. The cop who was initially the "first person" subject of the dream is unexpectedly and brutally murdered by the fugitive, some broken child-man whose true evil no one has fully realized. Somehow the new "I" - the partner - is able to force reality to repeat itself to see if another way can be found out of the situation, with the realization that the evil is greater than anticipated; so the dream repeats itself (it's actually only the second version I remember, with the car chase, I assume again, and then the death - but I recall it clearly as the "second death"). Nothing significant changes, except it's even more horrifying to live through the death the second time, anticipating it. Everyone tells me at this point to give up, but I - the partner - will reality to repeat yet again, and this time, when the dream repeats, something changes. Part of my perspective goes upstairs with the cop, while part remains below with the partner, and, with my fragmented identity working together, "I" do something to confuse the killer, making some personal reference to his past that confuses him momentarily, and "I" manage to escape - the upstairs cop leading his partner on a run downhill to a wide river that flows by, where we jump in and float away, safe. The ending of this third dream, which I recall less clearly than the rest, has other cops descend on the killer and brutally beat him to death for attempting to murder one of their own. Jesus: dreams like that make me glad to wake up.

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