Thursday, June 18, 2009

David M., The Nervous Fellas, Kafka

David M. having No Fun Alone At Christmas, at the Railway Club, by Femke Van Delft.
Not to be used without permission

Hey, folks: anyone wanting to catch No Fun's David M. performing live at his dayjob (near the magazine department on the 3rd floor of Chapters on Robson) should be advised that he has decided to start an hour later, and will be doin' his thing from 2:00 to 4:00 this Saturday. It's a darn fun way to spend a post-brunch Saturday, and it's free! I have requested he do Larry Norman's "Six Sixty Six." I wonder if he will?

Also Saturday: The Nervous Fellas' reunion gig (Myspace here), at the newly-reopened Rickshaw Theatre (254 E. Hastings), of which I hear promising things indeed. I swear I saw these guys once before - I think it was opening for The Pogues and Joe Strummer back in October of 1991. But maybe I'm wrong? Maybe they were opening for some other band I saw at the Commodore back then - The Replacements, perhaps? Wherever I saw 'em, I enjoyed the show, and I've been wanting to see The Deadcats again for awhile, too, so this should be a fun night! (Maybe I can find some tattooed chubby psychobilly chick to grope).

Cinephiles, meanwhile, are directed to contemplate the Kafka series upcoming at the Vancity Theatre. (Having trouble getting the appropriate section of their website to load but they're listed on the main page at the moment). Soderbergh's Kafka is a piece of stupid shit, as I recall (pardon me for not wasting more words on it), but Welles' The Trial is not without interest, Michael Haneke's The Castle is something I'm very much looking forward to, and Class Relations -based on Kafka's novel Amerika - is a free screening, which should excite some of y'all.

Nothing much else to say at the moment, but I plan to have things up in the next week or so on Nardwuar, Camper Van Beethoven's Victor Krummenacher, Fond of Tigers, and Mats Gustafsson. Plus you can see the next issue of The Skinny for a bit o' the same... See you at the Rickshaw.

Hey, that poster is wrong! It still reads The Ukrainian Hall! No, folks - it really is at The Rickshaw, trust me!


Anonymous said...

The Nervous Fellas link you posted is dead.
Good luck with the orca-betty hunt on Saturday...there should be lots there to keep your hands full!

ammacinn said...


Smartpatrol said...

Er, did we see the same Kafka? Because the one I remember was a masterpiece of paranoia & eerie atmosphere.

ammacinn said...

That was not my impression of it, back in the day, but I confess, it has been some time since I have seen the film (which I caught on VHS shortly after it was first released, and have not thought about since). I recall it being somewhat cutesy, horribly cast, and very, very American.

Anonymous said...

Orca-betty = fat white rockabilly chick asked.