Thursday, June 04, 2009

1067 Friday

A big fuckin' ant at 1067 (photo by Allan MacInnis, taken quite some time ago).

Hm... looks like a fractionated Fond of Tigers, dubbed "Limbs of the Stars" (with six out of seven FOTters being present) will play 1067 tomorrow; opening is Swanvista, whose music I do not know, but whom I vividly recall one Ferdy Belland praising to me some time ago.
Other than that, I'm overheated, overweight, overworked and overtired, so don't be expecting too much from this here blog for a few days. I'm cooking up schemes to promote Eugene Chadbourne's August 19th gig at the Cobalt (Fake Jazz) and trying to decide whether to go see the Queers at the Red Room or Ejaculation Death Rattle and Yellowknife, featuring Poib Fehr, at Music Waste next Wednesday. I think I'll go check the Queers' Myspace. Hey, didja read the Chris Walter thing on them in the Straight?
Yep, Chris Walter is writin' for the Straight now! Howboutthat.

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