Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rude Norton Gig!

Hey, y'all! Any of you with a craving to hear a Vancouver punk "fuck band" cover "Gilligan's Island" or the theme from "Green Acres?" Do you have a secret fondness for "Tits on the Beach?" Here's your chance: Rude Norton plays January 2nd at the Cobalt! It's been a few years since any lineup o' Rude Norton has played Vancouver - to my knowledge, the last gig was at the Vancouver Complication show of 2004 or 5 or wheneverthefuck that was. The press announcement goes somethin' like this:

"A Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate over this holiday season. While there is at the moment no new Subhumans news to pass on, there is an upcoming show, with a couple of Subhumans involved, taking place Jan. 2nd 2009 at the Cobalt hotel on Main St. in Vancouver. The band is called RUDE NORTON and has current Subhumans drummer Jon Card, and Subs singer B.R.Goble, performing with Darryl Licked ( White Trash Debs, Absinthe Boy, San Francisco) , Tim Rollins (harmonica virtuoso supreme) and wiz kid Mike Agronavich (Solemn Fist), filling out the line-up. Rude Norton's forte has always been massacring the classics, so steel yourself for a no holds barred night of ear puncturing, sense assaulting 'entertainment?'.....also playing will be the SPECKLED JIM, lead by Butch Murphy and the ever sought after, THIRD RATE."

Yowza. Might be a fun night. I bet the Cobalt smells much better in winter than in summer. Maybe I can finally pin down Brian Goble (last seen dancin' to the Frank Frink Five) for a bit more of a Q&A...

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