Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rodney Decroo at the Railway on Boxing Day

I've been enjoying my recent nights at the Railway - from seeing Nick Jones do Slim Whitman and David M. revise a certain old hit by Rick Springfield so that he's singing about how he wishes he had Santa's girl, it's been pretty easy to enjoy myself, even when drunken blondes are spraying saliva on my cheek as they hector me for not dancin' (a rare occurence, thankfully). I'm out in Maple Ridge doing family stuff for the holiday, but I may just make it back tomorrow; Rodney Decroo is having a birthday bash, and I've been meaning to catch him again for the longest time. I've chatted with him more lately than I've listened to his music, and feel like it's way past time I saw him play again. Rodney's offering a holiday discount on his CDs (and digital downloads) at this link. The show also features Mikey Manville and His Side Arms - Mr. and Mrs. Manville are apparently also celebrating a birthday or two - and Heather Griffin. Last time Mr. Decroo played the Railway it was a bit too packed for my tastes and I bailed; what with all the snow, I'm thinkin' this may be a good opportunity to see him from a seated position...

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