Thursday, December 11, 2008

Note: I am not dead.

...I apparently was so busy writin' for The Skinny that when I disappeared from that venue, rumours of my death started to circulate.

Please note: I am not now, nor have I ever been, dead. And unless there is a singularly eerie synchronicity in the next couple of days and I get hit by a bus, making this my last post, I have plans for some pretty cool stuff for this blog next week, and articles I'll be working on for a few other 'zines (the Skinny ain't the only people I write for). I've almost got my stamina back, writin' wise; I can feel gears turning even now... In fact, if you look in the new Georgia Straight Music Notes section...


ammacinn said...

Note: Dec. 12 and I still am not dead. But I'm looking both ways before I cross the street.

Robert Dayton, Junior said...


PS: I found teh famous Monsters Speaks" record for a buck yesterday! It's in great shape! So odd, the Forry synch. My first last name was Ackerman until the age of 9 or so.