Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Unforseen is Worth Seeing

...though it's an imperfect film - too long, too digressive, with a rather overly-emotive soundtrack and a slightly overcooked earnestness (which actually gets in the way of the points it makes), I think people concerned with development in Vancouver, the Olympics, and the ways in which we are squandering what is left of this province's natural beauty and resources would find many things of interest and import in The Unforseen, playing at the Vancity Theatre for the next couple of days. It deals with the fight to save Barton Springs in Austin Texas against the short-term, money-oriented development interests that threaten it, which, of course, win out in the end. There is enough Malick-inspired beauty between the talking heads to keep in pleasing to watch, and the Wendell Berry poem that begins it will definitely perk up your ears.
Dig the turtle, too! It made the poster!

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