Monday, May 05, 2008

Her Jazz Noise Collective and Ghost Taco at VIVO

For fans of experimental music, noise, and weirdness: the Her Jazz Noise Collective will be performing as part of the all-female Women's Studies project at VIVO tonight. Ghost Taco, I gather, will be also on the bill, though I don't know if she'll be doing her "usual" routine (involving contact mikes and her vagina; Dan Kibke tells me that at the Shitstorm Noise Festival, her performance actually caused a speaker to catch fire); she's performing with Brooch Post. Vancouver New Music's Heather Jean McDermid, aka Lee Shoal, of Ejaculation Death Rattle and the Creaking Planks is on the bill, too, "doing solo stuff with banjo & saw." And as you see, there's a bunch more. The weird women of Vancouver unite! See you there - I believe things start around 8.

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