Sunday, April 06, 2008

Off to Seattle...

Photo by Dan Kibke

Well, I'm still getting migraines, and had to bail from the Noise Fest yesterday, having seen only about half an hour of the Tunnel Canary documentary (which seemed excellent! - funny that they talked to Tim Ray, impeccably dressed as always, about dandyism...!). Today - ambitious, but determined - I'm attempting to make it to Seattle for a Carla Bozulich "Evangelista" show at the Renedezvous and a New Model Army one at El Corazon. Much as I love Carla, it's the latter I'm really excited about - I've been dying to see the full band of the New Model Army since I was tantalized by their poorly attended acoustic "mini-tour," really a Justin Sullivan show, at the Cobalt a couple of years ago (though I've been a fan for much longer, since I saw their "No Rest" concert clip on Soundproof cable access back in the '80's, when I lived in Maple Ridge). Hopefully I won't be slumped against the back of the club, my hand over my right eye, moaning "Owww my head..."
The migraines were so bad yesterday I had to throw up the water I'd been drinking. You know you're not in a good way when you vomit WATER.
And on the off chance that a border guard is Googling me on the ride down - yes, this is the bearded guy in the passenger seat outside; hi! Blogs must really add an interesting dimension to your jobs. Mine will be the equivalent of a psychic cavity search - I get pretty intimate at times. If it makes a difference, I'm really just a huge New Model Army fan; and I really DON'T have any drugs on me, except some migraine meds that I have a prescription for, in sealed packages, which I'll happily show you. I would not be stupid enough to try to bring those OTHER kinda drugs across the border - especially when a New Model Army gig is at stake!
Oh: and my Dad wants me to get a 5lb block of mozzarella cheese, as long as it costs less than $3.50 a pound.


Smartpatrol said...

Is that the stairwell to the now-defunct Marine Club?

ammacinn said...

Nope! It's some apartment building in the DTES where there was a BCVCO show... but I forget what they were calling it!

I didn't know the Marine Club was defunct...!