Thursday, June 21, 2007

Disturbing Dream

Another weird dream: though I'm not sure of my identity in it - it was almost like a 3rd person omniscient dream, if you can imagine that - there's a couple of evil, cynical people who work at a newspaper, and they summon a couple of ghosts by promising them a reward that they patently won't get, to help them harvest skins and maybe souls of people who have died in the city and whose corpses are hidden in various places - an erotic asphyxia case hanging in a public bathroom stall, a naked man forced into the trunk of a car, etc. I think maybe the ghosts will get the souls, but the newspaper people will get the skins, which they will use for nefarious purposes. The last part of the dream was spent walking from place to place in the city, uncovering the dead. Creepy.

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