Sunday, January 28, 2007

Show Business Giants, Nomeansno - Vancouver shows

Photo by John Chedsey

Nomeansno fans ahoy: Nomeanswhatever webmaster Monsieur le Chedsey, last seen hereabouts in referee duds for the recent Hanson Brothers show, announced today that an April 4th Nomeansno gig is confirmed at a yet undisclosed venue for Vancouver, just before the band heads off to Europe. Fans should also note, if they've somehow missed it, that there will soon be a gig by the rarely-seen, playful-as-all-heck Show Business Giants, led by Nomeansno guitarist Tom Holliston (pictured above) and featuring John Wright on drums (and Ford Pier and Scott Henderson for this show). They'll be playing the Anza Club on March 17th. I'm rooting for Tom to do a few songs from his solo albums and workin' on getting an interview with him; those unfamiliar with his work outside Nomeansno may want to trundle down to Red Cat, where copies can still be found (I'm partial to his solo projects more than the Show Business Giants stuff, but he's a very perceptive, quirky, and entertaining songwriter, in either form - he has, as le Chedsey has put it, "the soul of a self-depracating frontman." I'm quite stoked to see what he does as leader!)
My enthusiasm for Nomeansno, of course, is boundless - the smartest and most musically adventurous of North American punk bands. If, somehow, you've missed it, part of my interview with Rob Wright is here; the rest of the same, very lengthy conversation made it into Skyscraper #23. See you at the shows...

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