Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hold the Chikowski, but throw in some extra Nels Cline

Hm. Chikowski piece is stalled, nevermind that last. Will update when/where it'll see print.

Nels Cline-wise, it surprises me to see that my interview with him in Discorder from seven months ago is still, in fact, up (wow, that seems really long ago)! There'll still be a short piece on him in the Nerve Magazine, comin' up. This is a must-see show for anyone who likes ANY sort of intense guitar - jazz, rock, improv, what-have-you: February 22nd at Richards on Richards (moved from the Red Room, where the Bughouse Five and the Blasters are gonna play that night instead. With all due respect to the Blasters, y'all should come to Richards on Richards...

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