Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monkey warfare indeed

My interview with Reg Harkema on his terrific little film Monkey Warfare (starring Don McKellar and Tracy Wright, above) includes a discussion of Warren Kinsella and Gerry Hannah. (Those of you who haven't read Fury's Hour are directed to Chris Walter’s interview with Kinsella, for a bit of background; my interview with Walter will appear in next month’s Discorder). The article has drawn Mr. Kinsella’s fire (thanks to Reg for forwarding that).

Here’s the thing about monkeys: they operate in hierarchies. Monkeys at the top get the women and the respect. Monkeys at the bottom jerk off a lot. They also need to find a way to deal with the fact that they’re not the top monkey; it's hard on the ego, all this not getting laid. Some low status monkeys like to gain respect by challenging higher-status monkeys (which means occasionally getting beaten up). Some of them like to gain respect by ingratiating themselves (note Gerry’s song “Macho Tough Guy Act,” here, for relevant lyrics). Wherever you stand with Warren, recall that the status ape in this story is Gerry Hannah. (It sure ain't me, except maybe in my own head...). Interpret things accordingly...

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Ghost Of A Smile said...

I enjoyed yor interview in Discorder. Now that I know you have a blog I'll keep checking back for any new posts.