Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Winks sighted at City Hall; Get Your War On; Katrina

What, is the Mayor a Winks fan? I gather they ushered him into session recently.

I saw'em play again at the Butchershop, but it didn't work for me, dunno why -- their energy was different, not as quirky/reflective/something. Mebbe it had something to do with them not facing the audience, I dunno -- I don't want to say anythin' bad about 'em, since I still think they're the most interesting ostensibly-pop-in-an-avant-baroque-kinda-way group in Vancouver; maybe I've just seen 'em too often in recent years. On the other hand, I really like some of the stuff on the new split Winks/Tights CD -- they give a great phrasing to "Cyclops," which was never one of my favourite live songs of theirs, but has suddenly become one of my favourite studio ones. Check out the 7 song medley MP3 on their music page, which kinda randomizes bits from the EP. (Why the use of a drum machine, tho'? That is what it is, right -- or are they havin' Paul play like a drum machine?).

I'm too worn out to write much else -- working two jobs for the last few days, and I am exhausted -- but hey, David Rees (Get Your War On) has posted his commentary on Katrina. It's pretty angry stuff, but it's got a necessary bite.

Come to think of it, I really hate that it has taken this storm to piss Americans off, after all the Bush regime has been doing in the world. (I bet there are more than a few people in Iraq and Afghanistan who feel a bit floored by how SURPRISED people are by the indifference and incompetence of their government). Still, it's nice to see that Bush is publicly "taking responsibility" this time. I don't recall him taking responsibility for much else of anything, before.

PS, Katrina contracts to Halliburton, who last gouged American taxpayers by $60 million plus for their no-bid Iraq contract, and who have a cozy relationship with Dick Cheney, are not open to Homeland Security investigation to make sure funds are properly used this time because they fall under the auspices of a contract a Halliburton subsidiary actually bid for and won in July (long before Katrina hit). I can't decide on which phrase to link the story to, so read about it here.

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