Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Squid and Jello

A giant squid has been finally photographed in its natural environment by Japanese scientists. Does anyone else out there think this is cool? Pics here (not great but they're the first, so they get bonus points).

Otherwise, my life is a bit nuts right now and all I want to do is get my laundry done, clean the mildew out of my left boot (it's a long story) and air out the smell of Pine-sol (the cleaning agent in question) from my apartment. When I have extra time, I'm trying to make my way through the film festival guide... I will blog some other time (maybe once the movies start).

Concert update, tho': Jello Biafra is playing the Croatian Cultural Centre with the mighty Melvins on November 3rd. I'd buy tickets for this one early. Haven't seen Jello since the Dead Kennedys brought the Fall of Canada tour to the New York Theatre on Commercial Drive back in 1984. I was 17 and I was mightily impressed, and I don't think I've seen anyone (well -- maybe Iggy. No, not even Iggy. Maybe Eye, back when. Ah, nevermind) put as much energy and enthusiasm into a show as he did. I'm assuming he's slowed down a little -- actually, I'd hope so! -- but I need to see this show. They have two CDs out, Never Breathe What You Can't See and Sieg Howdy!, and both are great (tho' the latter recycles a couple of tracks from the former as "remixes," which seems a bit cheap, but...). Check out the "California Uber Alles" update on the new one ("I am governer Schwarzenegger..."), or the cover version of "Halo of Flies," by far Alice Cooper's best song (but who wants to own an Alice Cooper album? So thanks, guys!).

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