Monday, August 29, 2005

Wooden Octopus Skull

I probably won't be going, but there's some really great stuff happening, if you're a noise freak, at the Seattle Wooden Octopus Skull festival , happening from Sept. 8 to 11th -- Fe-mail, with Maja Ratkje, Sun City Girls-related project the Climax Golden Twins, Irr. App. (Ext.), Nurse with Wound, and even former Vancouverites The Haters will all be performing... Speaking of the Haters, they were my first ever noise gig. I saw them when I was a teenager, I think maybe opening up for the Dead Kennedys (link takes you to a related gig poster from the Edmonton date). Or else it was on a bill with Death Sentence, The Spores, and House of Commons (does anyone else out there miss the Spores? I wish I could get Schizofungi on CD). They wore black hoods and made noisy noisy noise with power tools, microphones, and various implements of distruction, completely amusically; most of the audience stood around and booed, and I have to admit, I didn't get much out of it myself, at the time. It was in the mid-1980's -- they were a bit ahead of the game. Strange that there should be whole festivals devoted to this kind of thing now, eh? Who woulda thunk it?


Tracy said...

I'd buy schizofungi on cd! Trashed my album decades ago!

ammacinn said...

Well, most of it is on the new Sudden Death Spores comp, you know about that, right? (NEWS WEATHER AND SPORES, the name taken from a cassette-only release). A few songs are missing ("Tommy," "SCP," and "Chemical Rainbow," say), but instead, there are unreleased studio and live tracks (some "hidden"), two videos, and stuff from their singles and said cassette (including "Expo In BC" to the tune of "Anarchy In The UK"). The band might just get back together for a reunion show this winter - there have been rehearsals. And you know that Sandy Beach and Boom Boom Benson are in Aging Youth Gang, right? And that Danny was the DOP on HARD CORE LOGO? (I didn't know that til he told me!).

If you head to Scratch or Zulu you might still be able to find my Skyscraper article with my giant Spores featurette from several months ago. It's easy to spot - the last ever print version of Skyscraper, with, I think, a cartoon turtle or sumfin' on the cover.