Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nap Savaged by Fireworks

I was actually not having very good dreams -- I was having a nightmare that booking problems had forced the New Model Army to cancel their September 21st show at Richards on Richards, actually -- but all the same, I resent being awakened by the loud, semi-rhythmic booming of tonight's fireworks display. Who the hell cares about fireworks anymore, anyhow? Explosions in the sky: woo. Save it for the Land of the Dead (hey, there's a video game on this site... "Loot and Shoot." Hmm -- suddenly my id is tingling). About the only interesting thing about it was that, because there was sort of a "beat," I explained the sound to myself, as I swam up out of sleep, as that of some crazed homeless taiko drummer going at it on a dumpster in my alley...

Post-script: hm. I was ripped apart by zombies pretty much instantaneously, four games in a row. On my fifth game I was able to shoot a few in the head and survive for a couple of minutes, but then I turned a corner and got eaten. I just don't think I can take the excitement right now. At least the fireworks are over.

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