Saturday, August 20, 2005

Checking in with Robert Fisk, at the Baghdad Morgue

Reading articles like this, one senses a reality so much in conflict with what we are encouraged to believe that one shakes ones head in confusion. Someone somewhere is deeply delusional, or lying; in ways, it would be more comforting if it were Fisk. Among his critics, Robert Fisk is seen as an hysterical leftist who will commit whopping errors to print. Surely, though, such an article would not run in a paper such as the Independent unless there were some factual basis for it -- if the figures weren't to some extent correct? It's not like we can turn to CNN for confirmation of such a story, though. The best you can do is construct your own reality out of the bits that fit your sense of the real. Not an easy task.

Postscript: another snippet from the Baghdad morgue, here.

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