Monday, August 08, 2005

Bizarre kick in the head from the God of Snot

Jesus! So here I am, high; I'm writing very Nietzschean things; and I come up with a spontaneous ditty about ploughing fields, while writing about how it is the "evil aristocracy" that usually is society's creative force -- it's a pretty substantial regurgitation of Nietzsche, which is impressive, given how many years its been since I last called myself an Nietzschean (about 13). Suddenly, in my attempts to decorate my blog entry with a quote, I stumble across a quote from Nietzsche about evil, creativity, and so forth, and it explicitly makes a ploughing reference! (See below). Impressed and excited, feeling my intuitions buttressed and encouraged by this synchronity (I mean, I am high) and thinking fondly of "the Big N," I begin composing an email to Dan about him, trying to chase down a quotation from his mad period, to the effect of, "I go here and there in my student's coat, and now and then I slap someone on the back and say, I am the God who has made this joke; are we content?"

...whereupon I stumble upon A BLOG BY THE GOD OF SNOT. What makes it truly a jarring experience is that it is in the EXACT SAME FORMAT AS MY BLOG, such that I become completely disoriented: it LOOKS like my blog, only I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!!! What's happening? Has my browser been hijacked? Who is this God of Snot and why is his format the same as mine????

Of course, it all makes sense after a few minutes, but I am no less terrified to explore this blog, let it turn out that the God of Snot is a former Nietzschean, too. Too many synchronicities make me nervous... you ever get the feeling that something out there is looking for you?

That would be a great line in a horror movie.

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