Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mel Goes to Vegas

Female friend Mel went to Vegas last week, and she had rather amusing reactions, so I'm posting them on my blog as a bit of a departure. I keep tellin' her she should read James Ellroy:

vegas...the big fat american money making circus in the middle of the desert. Its everything to make you forget about your regular life....gambling, food, booze, and sex...lots and lots of sex. There's enough strippers and prostitutes in vegas to kill even the most virile horse.The thing i found out about myself and going to american tourist that i'm always very underwhelmed...yet i still get wrapped up in everyone elses excitement once or twice. I ended up gambling 70 dollars american one the matter of about 2 was gone. Poof, no more money. When i came down from my gambling high...i realized that 70 dollars american is enough money to buy myself a couple weeks worth of groceries...a cool pair of shoes...or a considerably dangerous night of drinking.....and yet it had flowed from my fingers so made me nauseous. Literally. So i gathered myself up from the video slot machine and got myself to the bar next to the casino and had myself a nice stiff drink....choking down my tears ( i was on the verge of getting my period...and losing that much money is enough to make any hormonal woman cry....especially one as broke as i've been lately)anyways...i had fun mostly, when i finally stopped gambling, and just stuck to what i know best. Drinking, lounging and making fun of american tourists. didnt get laid, didnt see tom jones...didnt even see Wayne Newton...

(End of guest blog by Mel).

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