Sunday, May 08, 2005

Gang of Four

Solved the problem of leisure this evening by seeing the Gang of Four at the Commodore.

Standard mistrust to begin with: why am I paying money to see this? What am I buying, exactly, and why? (I just don't trust rock music very much these days). I warmed to the show, though, as did the band and the rest of the audience. Highlight of the evening: Jon King demolished a microwave oven during one song, pounding on it with a baseball bat, treating it as a percussion instrument. It made a big, sharp, metallic sound (it was miked) and the experience of beating it into rubble seemed quite cathartic.

I really don't have anything interesting to say about the experience, though... Felt obliged to at least note that it took place.


Tyr said...

your extra large shirt is ready to be picked up

ammacinn said...

Hi, Tyr! Missed your recital and the Erik Friedlander gig, too. I'm going to be at the Winks show on the 13th and will buy a shirt and any other goodies in th' hopes that by so doing I might help facilitate the Australian tour... a kind of "live Vicariously Through the Winks" kind of thing, whereby I can imagine y'all having fun over there during breaks at my dayjob... Er... Anyhow, I'll be in the audience and I may even drag a friend or two. Godspeed!